To prepare learners fully for adult life in a technologically advanced society which demands skills, independent thought, effective action, self-discipline and ethics.

Welcome to George Campbell School of Technology

George Campbell School of Technology  seeks to provide students with a unique education and preparation for the demands of a changing Technological world.  The School offers specialisation in three Fields of Engineering and recognises the importance of Mathematics, Computer and Information Technology. Our academic focus vests firmly on the Technological sector which we see as the […]

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George Campbell School of Technology – where tomorrow’s needs are met today

At George Campbell we offer your child a unique education in preparing for the demands of the changing technological world. If your child is interested in any field of Engineering, Mathematics, Science or Technology, George Campbell is the school of choice.

Admissions for 2015

George Campbell School of Technology is one of the main technology high schools in Durban and is able to cater for approximately 1 000 learners. Some 500 applications for admission to Grade 8 are received every year and, as it is possible to admit only 200 applicants, an assessment programme is used to assist admission.

Admission forms can be collected from our school office.
Telephone 031 332 2792